Have you already visited the Rokynori Factory Store?

Discover a new way to secure your favorite pair of Rokynori or The Force in our factory store, directly from the heart of Felgueiras. Here, elegance meets authenticity, and quality is more than a promise - it is our commitment and our identity.

Exclusive Prices, Without Intermediaries:

Our factory store offers exclusive prices and models, providing savings without sacrificing style. Come and discover a new way of shopping, guaranteeing the best experience and the best quality/price ratio.

Exclusive Events, Irresistible Offers:

Don't miss exclusive events and offers. From exclusive products for each collection and season to special discounts, the Rokynori factory store is the epicenter and highlight of footwear, in the city that is known for its production.

Located in Felgueiras:

We are located on Rua de Padroso, five minutes from the center of Felgueiras, in the birthplace of our production and right next to our factory, where we produce all our products.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9AM/12h30AM - 2PM/5h30PM